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kitt posted @ 2014年4月14日 20:06 in LeetCode , 2272 阅读
# class ListNode:
#     def __init__(self, x):
#         self.val = x
# = None

class Solution:
    # @param head, a ListNode
    # @return a ListNode
    def deleteDuplicates(self, head):
        if head == None: return None
        dummy = ListNode(10**10), head = head, dummy # add a dummy node
        pprev, prev, curr, dupFlag = head,,, False
        while True:
            if dupFlag == True:
                if curr == None:
           = None
                if prev.val != curr.val:
          , prev, dupFlag = curr, curr, False
                if curr == None: break
                if prev.val == curr.val: 
                    dupFlag = True
                    pprev, prev =,
            curr =
        return # remove dummy
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